Insurance Portfolio Management


DELPHOS is qualified to perform full management of insurance portfolios, by administrating policies, processing premiums, regulating claims, and supporting all other operation stages. The services are performed in high quality and speed, leading to improvement in satisfaction from the insurer and its insured clients.



Insurance portfolio management services comprise several stages in the value chain, allowing for insurers to concentrate in their businesses and in their internal issues. 
The insurer's production and operation may be supported by DELPHOS, either by using our team, infrastructure and systems, or by using only the systems. In this model, the insurance companies may adjust their focus in supplying new products to their clients without the burden of high investments in setting up an operational infrastructure and wait for long system development and implementation terms. Results to your business are concrete, immediate, and prevent growth in your in-house fixed costs.
The BPO service provides more than cost reduction. It assures process excellence and promotes constant evaluation of methodologies to keep or increase quality and reduce terms whenever possible. The DELPHOS BPO team is comprised by senior insurance analysts, specialized in portfolio operation, with experience in identifying improvement opportunities for the insurer's products. 
DELPHOS performs housing insurance portfolio management for several Insurance companies, either for insurance policies meant to guarantee real property financing operations through the Market Housing Financial System, or those inserted in the Brazilian Savings and Loans System, or those transacted in the Secondary Real Property System Market.
Currently, out of the 15 insurers providing housing in housing insurance, 13 rely on DELPHOS' BPO services, which make it the leader in the segment.