Process Management


DELPHOS is qualified to help insurance companies in managing lawsuits in any mass insurance branch, by performing proceeding follow-up, administratively supporting technical offices through indication of its law professional network , for acting as correspondents, and dealing directly with the suit development and  administrative controls, thereby allowing insurance companies to concentrate on their business and on their strategy toward the defense of their interests.

The BPO Process Management service was initially structured to provide support to the insurance companies impacted by lawsuits on housing insurance stemming from the former Housing Financial System - SFH, currently managed by the CAIXA-FCVS (Wage Variation Compensation Fund). As from this experience, it was detected that most activities in this service are common to any management process involving lawsuits brought against insurance companies, in any branch of mass insurance.
The activities performed by DELPHOS comprise lawsuit follow-up, support to technical offices, and handling of administrative tasks involving the lawsuits. 
  • Lawsuit follow-up:
    • Survey and forwarding of data to outsourced technical offices for defense preparation;
    • Control of judicial liens;
    • Proceeding follow-up in all their stages;
    • Control of judicial deposits and surveys;
    • Complete management of all lawsuit information.
  • Support to technical offices:
    • Hiring of technical assistance for judicial expertise;
    • Appointment of the law firm network for acting as agents (in search for document copies) or as correspondents;
    • Control of the work developed by the hired offices;
    • Management of lawsuit administrative tasks ;
    • Control of all costs involved in the operation;
    • Preparation of reimbursement procedures before the CAIXA-FCVS (for the cases of  SFH insurance suits);
    • Follow-up of payments and reimbursements.
  • The entire service is supported by two systems developed in-house : SIGAJ and VIN.
    • The SIGAJ (Lawsuit Management System) is the one which records, update and controls the entire proceeding lifetime;
    • The VIN (Business View) is the BI (Business Intelligence) system which crosses several pieces of data, accelerates the follow--up work for each case, and helps in legal area action, by providing security, transparence, and organization.


DELPHOS boasts of a highly specialized team to carry out BPO jobs, comprised by lawyers, technical experts, analysts, and works in parallel with the support of a Law firm network, the necessary partners for the business.
As a result of providing this service, DELPHOS was able, in the last three years, to reduce its clients' loses by more than R$ 150 million. Approximately 30 thousands lawsuits, involving more than 280 plaintiffs, are followed by the BPO team.