DELPHOS was founded in 1967 by two actuaries, Jayme da Silva Menezes and José Américo Peón de Sá, and an insurance broker, Fernando Newlands, all from  AJAX Corretora de Seguros.




DELPHOS is a pioneering company in providing specific and specialized services for the Brazilian insurance market: until Delphos' creation, all in-house and external jobs were performed by the insurance companies themselves, or by other companies in the same market.
Throughout its path, DELPHOS has built up an excellent relationship with the entire market, thus acquiring experience which enabled it to provide services to any insurance-related activity. Its purpose is, and has always been, that of providing solutions which range from the most varied initial research and preliminary risk evaluation, to full portfolio management, going through product creation, claim regulation, technological development, 24-hour assistance and any other functionalities which allow insurance companies to outsource some or all of their operational activities and thus concentrate on marketing their products, on the acceptance and financial management of their risks.
Delphos' numbers fully demonstrate DELPHOS' actions in the market:
  • On behalf of the insurance companies, Delphos administrates more than R$ 570 million in insurance premiums per year, totaling over R$ 207 billion in LMI (MIL) - maximum indemnification limit.
  • It manages insurance portfolios which cover inherent risks to more than 1 million real estate properties and more than 1,3 million lives.
  • Delphos arbitrates more than R$200 million in indemnifications per year.
  • Delphos regulates more than 100 thousand claims per year.
  • Delphos processes approximately 7 million insurance policies every month.
  • It controls more than 30 thousand lawsuits brought against insurance companies, totaling more than R$ 15 billion in risk to market.


DELPHOS' pioneering spirit, structure, focus, and organization ensure exceptional growth and success possibilities, especially because its trademark and professional staff enjoy full credibility in the market.