24-Hour Assistance


DELPHOS has acted in the 24-hour Assistance market since 1988, with customized solutions for its clients in the areas of Assets (homes, residences, offices, clinics, medical offices, etc.), Vehicles (passenger cars, motorcycles, and trucks), and Persons (assistance or funeral aid).


In addition to a traditional 24-hour assistance company team, DELPHOS relies on support from its branches spread throughout the country, which allows for closeness of contact with service providers located in the metropolitan regions of the cities where the company is established.
It purports its own 24x7 Call Center infrastructure, with servicing capacity for more than 800 thousand items and scalability for high growth, due to the preparation of physical facilities for use under demand.
It counts on approximately 10 thousand service providers and acts throughout the national territory.
The NAS - Network Aplication System - a system used for client service, was developed in-house, by professionals with great experience in technology and insurance, and with tools or solutions already consolidated in DELPHOS' other services. This system fosters excellence in managing the provider net, even alternatively allowing for service to the beneficiaries to be performed directly by the insurance companies which elect so.
A pioneer in implementing and adapting the assistential services to car part manufacturers, as well as through decisive contributions toward market enlargement, particularly in the protection association segment.
Action comprises all major banking institutions and Insurance companies, even small car rental companies and fleet management firms.