DELPHOS points out technological trends in 8ª CONSEGURO

DELPHOS has been present to the 8th CONSEGURO, which comprised an Insurance Service Meeting for the first time, one of the main technology events  in the country's insurance market. The traditional service provider to the sector was one of the event's sponsor, and presented, in its Lounge all products in its business portfolio, as well as custom solutions to the most diverse stages in the management of insurance portfolios in various branches.
Company Directors, IT supervisors, system, project, infrastructure coordinators, and commercial managers also participated in the lectures presented during the Conference, held on September 19th, 20th and 21st, at the Windsor Oceânico, in Barra da Tijuca.
The company's commercial and marketing director, Elisabete Prado, pointed out some themes which could be put in practice in company business, with emphasis on 'Blockchain' and 'Cybernetic Protection'. "The speakers have demonstrated how much we are vulnerable and warned on the permanent need to carry out research and investments in this area. Both will impact insurance company operations, and DELPHOS needs to be in line with solutions expected by its clients", argued the director. She also highlighted the contents of lectures, 'Breaking Paradigms in the Insurance Market' and 'Cognitive Revolution, mankind, robots and innovation', which showed how companies need to reinvent themselves" 
Among the technology trends applied to insurance, Henrique Macieira, the company's Operations Director, has pointed out that it is basic that the company be alert and prepared in all that which pertains to data security, to shared services, BigData, and Distrupture. "It is essential that the company carefully follow all trends, and be aware of the changes implemented by our clients, without losing sight of the knowledge our competitors are building", commented DELPHOS' executive.
The company's IT professional team, participating in the event, closed the statement by saying that "we understand that our presence is of the utmost importance in this, deemed to be one of the most important events in the Brazilian insurance market, not only for strenghtening the DELPHOS brand as a service provider, but also for enhancing publicity of all services and solutions we provide." More than 500 insurance industry professionals went through the DELPHOS' space during the three days of the event.
On DELPHOS | Active for 50 years, DELPHOS was the first service company to specifically meet the Brazilian insurance market needs. The company is qualified to provide services in any activity related to the various insurance branches, from preliminary risk analysis to claim regulation, with special highlight on information technology.   ¿
Source: SEGS.COM.BR - OCTOBER/2017