DELPHOS has new vice-president

DELPHOS closes 2017 naming a new vice-president: its commercial and marketing director, Elisabete Prado, who has been with the company since 1980. "My challenge is helping implement ideas being debated in-house by two strategic groups - the business and innovation groups - in searchring for the group's sustainable growth", states the executive.
The company's new vice-president advances that a number of changes are being put in practice, such as modernizing the company site; the incentive to digital marketing campaigns for disclosing products and services; review and documentation of all internal processes, involviing application of new tools. To her, officializing the position is a demonstration of trust, result of her commitment towards the company, always recognized both by the shareholders and by in-house and by external associates.
I joined DELPHOS when I was very young, after completing my Actuarial Sciences course. Being one among the few women who ventured into this profession, I think I enchanted the Company's founders, who are also Actuarials. Since then, I have climbed through various positions, without skipping any step on the ladder",says Elisabete.
The company's organization chart has also gained a new Information Technology Director. The appointee to this position is the hitherto IT and Communications superintendent, Carlos Trindade His task will be leading systems and technologies to optimize the managing of client organizations, defining stategies and seeking for the creation of new business formats. 
To Trindade, the great challenge will be following up the fast changes in the technology realm to provide the best solutions to DELPHOS associates. Trindade also states that "moreover continuously qualify the team to always keep abreast and in the forefront of the technological world, which changes every second". Carlos Trindade has been with the company for 24 years, having started out as  a system analyist.