Delphos engages in-house associates in the race for innovation

Delphos engages in-house associates in the race for innovation
Delphos has been increasingly investing in innovation: last week, around 130 of its in-house associates took part in a workshop on the theme, with a lecture by coach Rodolfo Santos. This event is part of the program put in place by the company's Innovation Committee, created in 2017 to identify new technologies and market trends, in addition to thinking of innovation  applicability in daily operations and in services rendered. 
The presentation relied on contents centered on communication, simple daily innovations and a firm focus, "as , without it, we waste time on actions which do not render results in the short and medium term", explains Rodolfo. The coach presented success cases, such as those of Amazon Go and Tv Globo, and spoke on the importance of hetereogeneous  teams, of knowing to hear , and of innovation movements ongoing in Rio de Janeiro.
According to Delphos' IT director, Carlos Trindade, the main lesson learned was realizing that "the first step comprises communication and collaboration among all , notwithstanding  one's position in the hierarchical chain, as ideas for innovation can come from anyone inside the company". He mentions that a Portal of Ideas has already been set up to bring together suggestions by all in-house associates.
"Opening one's mind to what is outside the company and to what is happening in the world  makes the entire difference for Delphos to write one more chapter in its brilliant history, "states coach Rodolfo Santos.
Themes such as Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and Design Spring have already been approached at workshops held by Delphos, The next workshop , to be held on March 28th, shall focus on Metodologia Agil , with several lectures are scheduled with a focus on increased reality, Internet of Things (IoT), Creativity and Innovation., Open Innovation, among other techology-connected subjects
Brainstorming ¿  Following the workshop, Delphos' team got together to comment on the actions already implemented by the Innovation Committee . Among them , the ERP update, SegDelphos with current web technologies; the holding of a survey with insurance company Operations and IT directors to identify opportunities; and the putting in place of the Business Management Process (BPM) at Delphos, involving all company areas.
On Delphos |  With 50 of operations, Delphos was the first service company created to specifically meet the needs of the Brazilian insurance market. The company is qualified to render services in any activity related to the various insurance branches, from preliminary risk analysis to claim regulation, with a highlight on information technology.