DELPHOS creates an application enabling Housing Insurance proceeding follow-up

It is possible to access information pertaining to the insured parties, indemnification assessment, events and their respective charters at your fingertips.
Faithful to its commitment to innovate and create facilities to its clients, DELPHOS Serviços Técnicos has launched the DELPHOS Housing Insurance (DELPHOS Seguro Habitacional) application, already available for free download on Google Play. Through this tool, insurers and stipulants may check the development of their Death and Permanent Disability and Physical Damage to the Property proceedings in real time, from a tablet or smartphone.
"We have created this application to facilitate at most the daily routine of those who have already accessed Housing Insurance and wish quick information on proceeding development. DELPHOS Housing allows for research through claim number, contract number or insured party's name. As from the insertion of one of these elements, it exhibits information relevant to the insured party, the calculations with indemnification amounts, events and their respective charters", explains the Company Board.
For the time being, the application is not available for smarphones which use Apple's iOS operating system; however, the Android system users may download it through Google play or through the site: Click here.
What is Housing Insurance? Housing insurance is a guarantee for real estate credit, allowing, in case of death or permanent disability of borrower, that his/her family members keep the property financed, with the outstanding balance settled before the stipulant which granted finance. It also assures, in case of physical damages with risks covered by Policy, repairs to damages caused upon the property.
DELPHOS: DELPHOS was the first services company created to specifically tend to the Brazilian insurance market. The company is qualified to provide services in any activity related to the various branches of insurance, from preliminary risk analysis to claim regullation, with a special highlight on information technology.