DELPHOS points out technological trends in 8ª CONSEGURO
DELPHOS has been present to the 8th CONSEGURO, which comprised an Insurance Service Meeting for the first time, one of the main technology events in the country's insurance market. The traditional se...
DELPHOS will be at the 8th Conseguro
This year, the INSURANCE SERVICE MEETING will be part of the 8th CONSEGURO. The former, held annually, and the latter, held every two years, are considered the greatest events in the national insuranc...
DELPHOS creates Social Action Committee to foster philanthropic initiatives
Joining forces to propose and coordinate actions supporting philanthropic entities: this is the purpose of DELPHOS' Social Action Committee.
DELPHOS completes 50 years
DELPHOS, the most traditional service provider in the insurance market, founded by actuarials Jayme Menezes and José Américo Peón de Sá, celebrated its 50th anniversary on May 10th of this year, almos...
DELPHOS honors the 51st anniversary of CVG-RJ
DELPHOS was one of the sponsors of the 51st anniversary of Clube Vida em Group (Group Life Club) of Rio de Janeiro (CVG-RJ), held last Wednesday, June 28th, downtown Rio.
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