DELPHOS celebrates its 50th anniversary with clients
With the presence of DELPHOS' associates and clients of DELPHOS in the insurance market, the company celebrate its 50th anniversary in the market, with a cocktail held on May 10th, in Rio de Janeiro, ...
DELPHOS celebrates its 50th anniversary on May 10th
DELPHOS,the most traditional service company geared to the insurance market, founded by actuarials Jayme Menezes and José Américo Peon de Sá, celebrates its 50th anniversary today, with an intense pro...
DELPHOS sponsors Pentaho Day 2017
DELPHOS is one of the sponsors, and will take part, on May 11th and 12th, at the Positivo University, in Curitiba (PR), in the Pentaho Day, a day dedicated to the presentation and exchange of ideas on...
DELPHOS' Olympics start the 50th anniversary celebrations
Other activities are scheduled, among these a Grace Mass and a party for the "DELPHOS family", at the Rio de Janeiro Yacht Club.
DELPHOS confirms support as sponsor of Pentaho Day 2017
DELPHOS confirmed its support to Pentaho Day 2017; the company is a member of the Brazilian Pentaho Community, and shall be present at the event which takes place in Curitiba on May 11th and 12th, at ...
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