DELPHOS has new vice-president
DELPHOS closes 2017 naming a new vice-president: its commercial and marketing director, Elisabete Prado, who has been with the company since 1980.
DELPHOS receives certification seal as Great Place to Work
Out of 169 DELPHOS in-house associates, 86% are fully contented regarding the company or the area in which they act. The result was ascertained by the Great Place to Work global consultancy, and broug...
DELPHOS is the outstanding IT provider of the year, according to CVG-RJ Insurance Industry Oscar
DELPHOS was the outstanding winner of the Rio de Janeiro Group Life Insurance Oscar (CVG-RJ), in the Information Technology Outstanding Provider category. This comprises the most renowned award in the...
DELPHOS points out technological trends in 8ª CONSEGURO
DELPHOS has been present to the 8th CONSEGURO, which comprised an Insurance Service Meeting for the first time, one of the main technology events in the country's insurance market. The traditional se...
DELPHOS will be at the 8th Conseguro
This year, the INSURANCE SERVICE MEETING will be part of the 8th CONSEGURO. The former, held annually, and the latter, held every two years, are considered the greatest events in the national insuranc...
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