DELPHOS is controlled by ITAPETININGA PARTICIPAÇÕES LTDA and Eduardo da Silva Menezes, both having an equal stake in the other group companies, which also have their executives as shareholders.  


The Group has a Consulting Board, presided over by DELPHOS's founder and comprised by the executives of the group's main companies as, on account of the synergy between the companies, its administration model leads all its executives to be involved in the performance of companies.




  • Djalma Bertussi
  • Eduardo Menezes
  • Elisabete Prado
  • Fernando Menezes
  • Henrique Macieira




Its Board of Officers comprises executives with great experience in insurance, in addition to their experience in their respective performance areas:

A DELPHOS Serviços Técnicos S/A brings together all professionals from the human resources, administrative, financial, legal, controller's, and technological support, which cater to all group companies. 




By providing services to the market since 1999, the 24-hour assistance area generated the creation of the DAS in May/2006.


In 2014, DAS control was transferred from DELPHOS to Itapetininga, with the company acquiring independent management, under the leadership of:

DAS is lodged in an exclusive property, but uses support by DELPHOS's administrative, financial, legal, and technological team.




DELPHOS's engineering area has undergone several changes.


Created in the 1970's to carry out appraisals of properties geared to real estate finance, and enable inspection for DFI claim regulation in 1992, part of its team was allocated to a former vice president, with an independent company to carry out claim inspections for certain financial agents acting before the SFH, preventing problems to the market, which could arise from the new company's lack of experience.    


DEN - Delphos Engenharia was created in 2002, with managers in charge of the appraisal area.


In 2004, the company gained its independence and a new legal identity, with property appraisal contracts DELPHOS held inside and outside the insurance market being migrated to it. 


The year of 2015 marked the independence of the team which provided technical assistance services in SH/SFH lawsuits and DFI claim inspection for housing insurance policies. DFR became independent, under the management of:

DPR is lodged in independent premises, but relies on DELPHOS's administrative, financial, legal and technological team. 




DELPHOS was born as a data processing company. With time, it started taking on pre- and post-processing activities, becoming a BPO pioneer in the insurance market and one of Brazil's major claim regulators.


DELPHOS TECNOLOGIA E SOFTWARE LTDA. was created in January/2009, to allow for a return to the origins, with the deployment of its team and of the specific IT contracts to this "new" companies.


Created originally to meet the insurance market requirements, DTS has expanded its activities, providing services to various market segments.


DTS is under the management of: 

DTS shares  DELPHOS's facilities and uses its Data Center. Its professionals work side by side with DELPHOS's technology team, thereby generating better results for its clients.