Technical Real Property Inspection


DELPHOS operates throughout the entire national territory, supported by a vast network of engineers, drawing up inspection reports, technical expertise, construction work estimates, descriptive service briefs, inspection reports and construction work oversights and legal report contest reports, The service provides speed and security to insurance companies in managing asset claims.
Technical Property Inspection
Boasting of a file of more than 200 thousand inspections for Physical Damage to Properties (DFI) is fully qualified to render engineering expert services who act as:

  • Technical assistantes in lawsuits involving residential or commercial properties in judicial actions against insurance companies.
  • DFI Technical experts for evaluating and ascertaining cause and effiect in administrative and judicial claims involving insurance with DFI coverage.
DELPHOS is ready to manage the drawing-up process of the following:
  • Inspection reports;
  • Estimates for performing construction work;
  • Descriptive briefs regarding servicesfor price surveying and hiring rehabbing works;
  • Inspection or surveying reports for ongoing work follow-up;
  • Contesting judicial reports, with support by the legal team, pointing out deviations which may lead to indemnifications above the stipulated cap.
DELPHOS performs services with its in-house team, comprised of an engineer and administrative experts, and an external network acting throughout the national territory.
Our engineering team, which boasts of 46 years performing Physical Property Damage inspections, has accrued enough experience to make a difference in administrative and judicial claims.
Regarding lawsuits, in addtion to allowing for safer defense through preliminary reports, our engineers' action as technical assistants to judicial experts has ensured a reduction in the value of lawsuits against the insurance companies, thereby displaying very expressive results.