DELPHOS is qualified to provide developement and implementation services for system projects and business processes.
Focused on solutions for the insurance market, it relies on a development center,an implementation team and a maintenance team, highly specialized in:  
  • ERP Systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) for Insurance Company businesses, among which policy management, and backoffice Systems (such as general accounting, accounts payable and receivable, treasury, among others);
  • BI (Business Intelligence) Solutions;
  • Survey of current processes (such as services) and support to clients for future process improvement, using the BPMN notation.
  • Customized solution projects.

DELPHOS' professionals are, for their most part, senior-level personnel, with great experience in systems and insurance processes. The company also boasts of a strategic partner network for specific fronts, such as solution design, requirement survey, and future business process stages. 
DELPHOS also relies on a nucleus of consulting specialists, with approximately 20 years of experience in insurance, who act and/or support the most varied projects, reinforcing business and technology know-how on these activities.
DELPHOS, since the 1990's has been performing major system projects, used by the various insurance companies throughtout Brazil.
The company acts in various branches, such as: Life, housing, DPVAT, multirisk (residential, condominium, and corporate), fire, rural lien, theft, engineering risks, glass panes, fidelity, bank global, lease guarantee, credit, guarantee and liability, extended guarantee, hire purchase and massified in general.
Being aware of technological evolution and diversity of business, DELPHOS has permanently invested in the construction and qualification of project teams, in partnership with leading companies in the market.