Choosing an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system for your company is not always an easy task, as there is a plurality of available options in the market, innumerable technologies employed and many benefits. The choice becomes even more complex for companies operating in a specific niche, such as that of the Insurance Market.

We, from Delphos (, have prepared this article, containing 7 important points which must be analyzed, to help out in this analysis and choice process:


1 – Being in compliance with the standing legislation

We have listed this topic as the first and main item. It is essential, for an Insurance company, that its management software be compliant with specific sector legislation and regulations. The software must tend to the demands and obligations set forth by SUSEP (Private Insurance Superintendency), the regulating body in this market. A management software which does not tend to the rules and regulatory obligations may bring the company countless losses and problems;


2 – Client Service and CRM

The second point regards the main focus every company should have: client service! Among stakeholders, a client is a fundamental player, as there would be no reason for a company to exist without him or or. An ERP software must provide good management tools for client service, which enable understanding a client’s wishes and needs, as well as exclusive service, geared to each profile. It is ever more common to find ERP softwares with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) modules, which allows service and sales teams to promote the best possible experience between a client and the company.


3 – Policy, contract and claim control

As stated by William Eduards Deming, “that which is not measured is not managed”. This premise can and must be applied to every type of business, regardless of size or segment, as “control” is one of the most important functions. It becomes easier, as from this premise, to choose an ideal ERP, which should contemplate in detail information for controlling policies, contracts and claims. Such information will allow for better negotiations with clients, as well as foster better service performance and also enable avoiding possible financial losses as well as losses stemming from legal problems.


4 – Dashboard and Reports

Data and information comprise one the most precious elements for the entire undertaking, as they enable decision-making and foster future planning. For companies which market Insurance Products and Services, “information” is a determining factor regarding their success and growth in the market. It must be observed, in choosing, whether it displays a well-structured Dashboard (visual chart and information visual platform), and whether it is intuitive and clearly presents the company’s activity scenario. In addition to a good Dashboard, the Reports also continue being a very important part of an ERP software as, unlike a Dashboard, which presents consolidated information, Reports are detailed and supply more encompassing information. Thus, the system must have a Dashboard and Reports which complement each other and provide relevant result indicators for the decision-making process.


5 – Capability of optimizing processes

The Insurance market is very dynamic. Therefore, the faster and more unencumbered processes are, the better will a company develop. An ERP software must bear the capacity of optimizing processes and facilitating daily tasks.


6 – Cloud Computing

Good and relevant information is the one available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world. Currently, with the ever greater popularity of Cloud Computing, this becomes an alternative which should be taken into account, for presenting the advantage of not needing an own and dedicated infrastructure. You should analyze the pros and cons of hosting the system in your own facility or of using it in a cloud, either public or private, when choosing a management ERP software.


7 – A developer with professionals specialized in the Insurance area

Every corporate segment displays its features and peculiarities, which should be observed. Thus, it is basic that the management ERP chosen be driven to your segment, with tools linked to your activities. In this context, option for a developer with professionals specialized in the Insurance area is the best one, as such professionals will fully perceive and understand a company’s pains, and therefore develop the specific solutions needed.


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