Technical Inspection of Properties

DELPHOS operates throughout the entire national territory, with support from a vast network of engineers and architects, by drawing up building survey reports, carrying out technical expertise, preparing rehabbing estimates, descriptive service memos for rehabbing work bidding and/or contracting, inspection or supervision reports for following up ongoing construction work and judicial report contest reports to evaluate deviations which may generate overestimated indemnifications.

Relying on a file of more than 200 thousand reports from Physical Damage to Property inspections, having acted on more than 3 thousand lawsuits as Technical Assistants to court-designated experts and inspected more than 34 thousand properties, DELPHOS is perfectly qualified to render expert personnel services to perform as:

  • Technical assistants in lawsuits involving residential or commercial properties.
  • Technical experts to evaluate and check causes and effects on administrative claims on properties bearing Material Damage covered by market insurance Policies.
  • Engineers for Precautionary Inspections of any purpose, either for drawing up protection documents for construction companies prior to work commencement, or for creating evidence of property state prior to rentals or sales, and so on.


DELPHOS relies on a national network of engineers and architects, controlled by administrative engineers or experts from its head office.


Having operated for 50 years with Physical Damage to Property inspections, DELPHOS has put together sufficient experience to act in administrative and judicial claim proceedings, with expressive cost differentials in cost reduction.


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