Lawsuit Management

Full support to insurance companies in managing lawsuits for any mass insurance branch. Lawsuit follow-up and administrative support to technical offices hired by clients, from receipt of new lawsuits to their actual closing.

Handling administrative controls and lawsuit development, ensuring autonomy and security to insurance companies in pursuing their interests in the legal field.

Initially structured to provide support to insurers affected by lawsuits from the extinct Housing Financing System – SFH housing insurance, albeit understanding that activities pertaining to the back office and lawsuit management are common to all types of lawsuits, DELPHOS is qualified to absorb and control lawsuit mass in any insurance branch.

Lawsuit follow-up:

  • Lawsuit receipt and rostering;
  • Drafting subsidies for legal defense of office hired by the insurance companies;
  • Recording and control of judicial terms;
  • Forwarding of publications to the hired offices;
  • Management legal and administrative documents;
  • Lawsuit follow-up in all their stages;
  • Lawsuit database organization and update;
  • Drafting and forwarding of managerial reports; and,
  • Administrative control of insurance company expenses and reimbursements.

Support to technical offices:

  • Appointment of legal expertise technical assistant;
  • Appointment of corresponding attorney net to act in search for document copy;
  • Lawsuit management to control work developed by hired offices;
  • Handling of lawsuit administrative tasks;
  • Control of all costs involved in the operation; and,
  • Preparation of processes for reimbursement policies, as well as setting up a system for payments made by insurance companies and their hired offices.


DELPHOS relies on a highly specialized team to carry out Back Office work, comprised by administrative experts, legal analysts and attorneys.


As a result from providing this service, DELPHOS was able, in the recent years, to have its clients mitigate losses of above R$ 4.2 billion reais. The team has already been in charge of following up more than 30 thousand lawsuits and more than 280 thousand plaintiffs.


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