SajDelphos was developed to support the entire life cycle of lawsuits, including administrative, technical-legal and management information routines, through structured reports and process audits to identify fraud indications.


  • System modulated according to clients’ needs
  • Customized access controls per user group
  • Proceeding information control
  • Legal document management
  • Legal term automated scheduling
  • Sending of warnings to responsible parties through publication receipt
  • Management of legal term and appeal fulfillment
  • Registration of appeals of 2 and 3 instances
  • Expert witness and technical assistant information registration
  • Module for proceeding cost payment requests of any nature
  • Management of legal cost payments
  • Exporting of documents and proceeding instruments
  • Issuance of pre-formatted reports


  • Increases integrity of information inserted in tool
  • Provides for managing system access control
  • Monitors changes performed by users
  • Provides total efficiency in controlling of legal terms and critical events
  • Allows for standardized classification of procedural instruments
  • Allows for defining distribution of proceedings to responsible parties based on registered suit risk
  • Ensures court cost, fees, relief and execution cost payment control in a practical manner
  • Customizes information according to clients needs

Legal Proceeding Lifecycle Management