Analysis of People and Property to support the underwriting process. A solution available to insurers and policy stipulators, which enables the electronic filling out, traffic, and hosting of Personal Health Statements, automating the process and enabling automatic approval, or directing the forwarding of critical cases for analysis by the medical team, in accordance with the business rules or policies of each insurer. It also enables the transmission of Real Estate Appraisal Reports for automatic approval, or directing to the engineering team the risk analysis of the real estate object of the guarantee, in relation to its value, construction, state and geographical location, supporting the acceptance or not of the risk.


  • Several access profiles, such as those of the policy’s stipulants and sub-stipulants, underwriters, physicians, engineers, insurers, and call center;
  • DPS registration, with customized questionnaires for the insurer;
  • Printing DPS’s to collect the proponents’ signatures;
  • Inclusion of documents (reports, exams, prescriptions, etc.)
  • Grouping of DPSs that comprise the same funding;
  • Generation of files for integration with the insurance company’s systems;
  • Management of pending documents;
  •  SLA management and various reports.
  •  Workflow:
    •  Completion of the SPD by the stipulant;
    •  Automatic approval of the SPD, at the insurer’s discretion (parameterizable);
    •  Non-automatic approval of the SPD, at the insurer’s discretion, following for analysis by the underwriter, who may request additional documents or information to the contracting party, or forward the case for medical evaluation;
    • Treatment of the case upon receipt of documents, information or medical report;