Remote Inspection System is a solution that enables the very owners of movable or immovable property, insured, consortium or similar, to participate in inspections, whether for the purpose of purchase, property valuation, construction monitoring, registration of the state for rental / sale purposes, or, especially, for the preparation of reports of claims without structural impacts. The survey is carried out from a smartphone, via wi-fi or a 3.5G data network. Through a link that is sent by the surveyor at a time agreed between the parties, during the procedure the proponent will interact with the professional responsible for the survey.

The tool confirms the address of the asset from the geolocation of the smartphone, allowing the surveyor to be responsible for taking photos, starting and ending video recordings, thus producing all the necessary inputs to verify the general conditions and/or existing damages or risks, generating savings in time and costs for the parties, as it does not require an expert to go to the site of the survey.

After the inspection, the respective reports are prepared with all the necessary information for the treatment of the case.


  • Mobile application, with back-office structure;
  • Two environments, one for management and the other for the inspectors;
  • Use of the geolocation of the owner’s smartphone, insured, consortium member or similar, at the time of the inspection for the purpose of comparison with the registration of the service request;
  • Recording of photos and videos in the cloud, avoiding any loss of data by the inspector;
  • WebAPI integration for creating and managing an inspection in SvrDelphos;
  • Selection, by the professional, of Photos and Videos, as well as inclusion of comments in SvrDelphos, through the timeline generated after the end of each inspection;
  • Control Panel for the Manager and the inspector, with the respective Access profiles.


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